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Unless you’re a mind reader, the only way to find out what people are thinking is to ask them. That’s what surveys are for

Softo Survey has become an online survey builder. Softo Survey is only survey builder in Pakistan that has introduced digital survey first time in Pakistan. We have our applications and software to make a survey.You can start your own SaaS business with Softo Survey. It includes many of the top features you can see in other survey builder applications in the market. Softo Survey supports 10+ different kinds of survey such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) survey that includes Environmental responsibility survey, Ethical responsibility survey, Philanthropic responsibility, Economic responsibility.

Users can customize the survey as per their needs.

Our survey includes questionnaire such as Multiple Choice, Short Text, Long Text, Yes/No, Rating, Number, Dropdown.

Open-ended Questions:

Open-ended questions encourage a full answer, rather than a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Open-ended questions start with “Why”, “How” and “What If”.

Multiple Choice Questions:

A fundamental survey questionnaire which provides respondents with multiple answer options.

Ordinary Scale Questions:

This popular form of survey that is usually Employee Satisfaction Survey offers respondents an ordered range of answers from one extreme to another.

Interval Scale Questions:

This is most common type of survey question mostly use to capture the level of feelings the respondent has about the topic of interest. Examples of interval data includes temperature (in Celsius or Fahrenheit), Mark grading, IQ test and CGPA.

Ratio Scale Question:

Ratio Scale is a type of variable measurement scale which is quantitative in nature that allows any researcher to compare the interval or differences.

Softologics has now become an official vendor of Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) that is operating Pakistan’s first open-pit lignite mine in Block II of Thar. Our team went thar to survey, also we took idea from UN-SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals) and made our survey question according to that. We made physical survey then we converted that into digital survey. We generated reports regards survey. We survey that how they are surviving there. We asked about thier livelihood issues, Poverty issues, good health, quality education, Gender Equality, clean water and sanitization, affordable and clean energy, economic growth, industry and infrastructure, reducing inequalities, sustainable communities, responsible consumption and production, peace, justice and strong institutions.

Softologics has become an IT solution so that it can now bid for any IT project. Whether it is a website or a mobile application

Need an enterprise-grade solution?

 Time to be Social, Go for the survey, surround yourself with Softo Survey

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